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....tired of preparing Tender Documents (on paper)
....waiting days for these documents to be collected
....wasting time & resources collecting Tender documents
....extracting information from paper based documents
....redistributing documents to many parties in the Tender process......

Tenders Direct can change ALL of these tasks to be simple & efficient AND SECURE....using the power of the internet & the Tenders Direct SECURE website

Consultants will be able to electronically issue Tender documents, under their own control without all the hassles of paper based Tender document distribution currently used

Principal Contractors will be advised electronically of any invitation to Tender & then will be able to download the Tender Document within in minutes of accepting an invitation to Tender. Using the electronic Tender document, they will be able to distribute ONLY the relevant parts to all of the Sub-Contractors

If you are interested why not join Tenders Direct to benefit....
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